Stage Presence

businessman with glasses smiling in shirt and tie
For Daniel Isenberg, professor of management practice at Babson Global and founding executive director of the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project (BEEP), economic development is a way of life. With Direct Engagement support from Stern + Associates, he sought to provide policymakers and government leaders on the local, regional and national levels with insight and expertise on how to build entrepreneurial ecosystems that create sustainable, long-term economic growth.


Leveraging BEEP projects, media coverage, digital strategy and Isenberg’s dynamic speaking skills, Stern continues to secure key direct engagement platforms where Isenberg can connect with his target audiences and educate them on fostering entrepreneurship in their given regions. Through a combination of niche verticals and top-tier events, he is able to network and influence those most important to growing BEEP.


Entrepreneurial ecosystems have reached the main stage at notable events due to Stern’s aggressive outreach and Isenberg’s growing conference presence. New business leads for BEEP and myriad speaking opportunities have resulted from his increased recognition. Notable wins Stern has secured include the World Economic Forum; a burgeoning relationship with events for The Economist, including the Mexico Summit, the Brazil Summit and the Ideas Economy: Innovation event; a keynote and panel position at the G-20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit; ICF Bahrain; and the 13th ICTPI Conference in Bogota, Colombia.