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George Bradt

George Bradt (@georgebradt)
PrimeGenesis, a consultancy focused solely on services for effective onboarding and transition acceleration programs, sought to drive recognition of the need for executive onboarding—and ultimately, demand, for their services by strategically reaching and engaging with their target audience.


Securing a recurring expert blogging position for PrimeGenesis founder George Bradt within‘s Leadership portal was just the first step toward success. Bradt’s weekly column, focusing on what new leaders are doing right—featuring interviews with CEOs of such well known brands as Royal Caribbean, Chiquita Banana, and A&P among others—quickly proved to resonate with its audience: the average views per post were 1,000+, but that didn’t happen all on its own. Tapping into PrimeGenesis’ vast network of influencers through its social communities (including its 6,000+ member LinkedIn group) and client database, Stern counseled Bradt to reach built-in followers by pushing out select posts with links back to PrimeGenesis’ website. And once Bradt added video commentary—short two-minute videos recorded on his iPhone providing additional ‘bonus’ insight not featured in the written content—the numbers spiked even higher.


In just March 2011 alone, traffic to the PrimeGenesis site was up 10-fold over March 2010, with the majority of visitors from and LinkedIn—a direct result of the blog’s popularity and the effectiveness of how it was leveraged. Not only has awareness of PrimeGenesis risen among target audiences, but also understanding of why the company’s core capability in executive onboarding consulting is so important in today’s business world.