Your Thought Leadership Strategy is Missing One Crucial Element: An Audience

You’re doing everything right.  Your marketing and web teams are in constant communication and your website is consistently refreshed with thought leadership content.  Your social team is crafting updates for all of your key platforms, sharing them and engaging on an ongoing basis.  Yet, somehow the ROI still isn’t there. Whether you’re using website visits, […]

Take It Outside! Why Walking Meetings are Healthy Business

Meetings are on the move – out of the office. And it’s a trend I’m following in good stride. (Pun intended.) Steve Jobs was famous for his long walks with top talent he hoped to recruit to Apple. Mark Zuckerberg reportedly sealed Facebook’s billion dollar deal with WhatsApp after several long walks with the mobile […]

How to Avoid the Thought Leadership Commodity Trap

Last weekend was the Super Bowl, a big game between the two best football teams in the nation. Yet, somehow so much of the Super Bowl talk – before, during and after (especially given this year’s romp by the Seahawks) – is dominated not by on-the-field plays, but by the commercials. Blame the media. Granted, […]

Case Studies

Stage Presence

For Daniel Isenberg, professor of management practice at Babson Global and founding executive director of the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project (BEEP), economic development is a way of life. continue »

Design Lessons

No industry is shielded from today’s rapid pace of change, but the contrast between yesterday and tomorrow is especially stark in education. Through creative and compelling media coverage, Stern positions Herman Miller as the solution leader in 21st century learning spaces. Ideas Three elements form the cornerstone of our media strategy: Herman Miller’s legacy and […]

Company Events

Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween from all of us at Stern + Associates!

Hurricane Sandy Relief

Stern + Associates is always willing to lend helping hands to support people and causes in need. When Hurricane Sandy slammed the New Jersey coast, it quite literally struck close to home – damaging property and impacting the lives of many colleagues, family and friends. Partnering with local nonprofit volunteer organization Jersey Cares (@JerseyCares), our […]

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